• 1. Introduction

I was in a application design team. We were intend to help travelers who want strong recommendations based on their likes and dislikes as well as providing an option to plan a trip in advance. We made a app, named “Instaplan” to solve both the problem of finding last minute things to do when travelling, and planning a complex itinerary ahead of time.

  • 2.Behavior Mapping and Persona

Our team interviewed 9 people who are ranged from different areas and ages.  The behavior map is the main source of persona.

Behavioral Map

  • 2.1. Results group choose

Results were grouped based on similarity and our objective of application.

Behavioral Map Choosingfocused behavioral map

  • 2.2.Persona

We created a user named Annie Q. She is a journalist and usually travels around the world.

Annie Q

Annie Q's goal

  • 3. Usability Test of Initial Design

We interviewed 8 people and focused on 4 tasks. They are first impressions, edit and personalize profile, find something interesting to do in your area right now and plan a 4 day trip in advance.

The test results were graded as 1-4.

Usability testing

  • 4. Changes made

Change Made

  • 5. Instaplan

We made 53 final instaplan screens after interview and changing.

This is the clickable version.Please Click Here to go to InstaPlan

This is the screenshot from those screens.

Instaplan 1 Instaplan 2 Instaplan 3 Instaplan 4 Instaplan 5 Instaplan 6 Instaplan 7 Instaplan 8 Instaplan 9

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