Redsox – Calendar not available graphic


Redsox is the client of Jackrabbit. When I worked at there, I was responsible for creating animation for showing the unavailable calendar view in mobile size. This part is a responsive mobile design resizing from the website design. Because the calendar cannot display fully in the mobile size, the design team wanted to create an interactive and interesting animation to tell audiences they cannot view the event calendar in mobile size.

What did I do for the project?

I was responsible for thinking about the interactive effects and animation effects. Because Redsox is a baseball team, I focused my design thinking on baseball and baseball destroy. Finally, the design and animation idea confirmed by displaying a baseball shoot the screen from a heavy hit and broken the phone screen, which related to the theme of unavailable mobile calendar view.

The design was created in Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop.




The animation was created by Adobe After Effects. I’ve used Shatter Effects to animate the broken screen glasses.