Lifeline Web Banner


These banners were created for Philips Lifeline when I worked as a designer at Jackrabbit Design, the design agency in Milton, MA. This advertisement banner was used for showing on three different websites, so the company required us to design a series of different sizes of banners and created a few different motion animation serving for different web places.

What did I do?

Banner Design|Motion Graphic|Animation

I was responsible for re-layout and designed the series of banners design, and animated them with a nice and smooth motion. I animated the banner in After Effects and created the GIF in Adobe Photoshop, so as to advertise it smoothly on its website. The blue gradient color style was required by the client. The images were from clients and required to put. Their audiences mainly were the elder people, so the motion was required to be slow and clear as to goals. In the design, I made the CTA button with orange color, which served the CTA button prominent purpose. In motion design, the fade-in motion also moved slower than normal.


Some GIF sample that I did for the Lifeline ads banners

Since the audiences of the web banners were the elders, the movement speed is slow. The font size was also big.






Below were the motion explorations before the final decision was made. Since the motion of the below banner was fast and it would hard for the elderly people to catch, we didn’t go with the following versions, but we chose the motion design shows above, which with slow speed fade-in CTA button and fade-out transition.



Hope you enjoyed it. Thank you for your read!