Business Card – DGMonster


This is the business card that I designed for DGMonster, Inc,. A design agency located in Boston, MA. The company wanted to design a business card conveys contact information, helped its customers remember them, reflected the company’s value and differentiated from the competition. From the company’s name, we could tell. They were young, lively and focused on the digital area. The requirements of the business card were to be creative, brand loudness, eye-catching, and conveys the spirit of the company’s culture.

What did I do for the business card?

I was a graphic designer and brand strategist for this project. I designed the business card styling with its logo color, typography, and color theme of the website. I made a high color contrast that caught the customers’ attention at first sight. DGMonster’s main business was focused on creative, design, visual and web business. When I designed the business card, I wanted to bring the creative and brand to audiences directly, so the logo and company name were the only contents in the front of the card. In the back of the card, their contact information, email, website, phone number, and QR code were clearly and easily read in a white background on purpose. Next to the contact information, I highlighted the logo and brand name again on the left side echoing with the logo in the front of the card.

The business card hit good success. It attracted customers’ attention and brought business traffics to this startup. The owner very appreciated my design. I had much other cooperation and business with them after this.

Below is the business card work: