Brochure Design for Long Dragon Biotechnology Corp.


This brochure design was designed for my client, called Long Dragon Bio, Corp. It is located in Huizhou, China. It is a biotechnology hi-tech corporation committed to the life health field. They set up R&D, production, and sales in Huizhou, Shanghai, and HongKong. They produce and sell the marine organism chitosan oligosaccharide and relevant products. They wanted to have a well-designed brochure for important marketing events and details about products and services in the three 15-pages brochures.

What did I do?

Graphic Designer | Brochure Designer | Visual Design | Brand Strategist

I worked as a graphic designer and brand strategist helped this biotechnology company, Long Dragon Bio, to design everything for the three 15-pages brochures. The three brochures are Company Introduction, Feed Introduction, and Food Introduction. They were designed by me from scratch to completed print.  At the beginning of the design, we focused on the brochure format, style, and layout. We went back and forth so many times. I provided them four different style versions to make decisions. Over several discussions and iteration, they chose to go with a creative and modernized brochure layout and style.

The three 15-pages brochure cost me over a month. I designed and decided everything, including brochure typography, marketing pictures, cover and They also asked me for designing the pocket folder when they received my brochure design and very satisfied them. One of the challenges was well fit the A4 paper size and well-visualized contents with the two languages, Chinese and English, in the brochure. I monitored the content amounts and well-displayed the contents in an organized way. 

The color theme of the three brochures is blue, green and orange. It follows with the logo color and brand color. Choosing three colors to serve different brochure purposes. Each of the brochures taken one of the theme colors as the main color.

The Client was very satisfied with the final brochure design and pocket folder design. Their whole internal team loved my design solution, style, layout, and strategy. They even recommend me to another company for a new business.

Brochure 1 Of 3 – Company Introduction

This brochure designed to introduce the company, service, product and product process, etc. The company chose blue as the main color because it is same as the logo color to clearly identify the brand.

Brochure 2 of 3 – Food Introduction

The food introduction is the introductory of the food at Long Dragon Biotechnology. it contained the company’s research outcomes, etc. Since this is a food brochure, we choose green as the main color to engage audiences.

Brochure 3 of 3 – Feed Introduction

The Feed Introduction brochure is to introduce the feed application of chitosan oligosaccharide.  Since the orange color is also the brand color, to differentiate the brochure from the other two, I chose the orange color as the main color for this brochure design.

Pocket Folder Design

Here is a pocket folder design that I did for them. I keep the blue color and used their name and brand logo as an identity to show in the folder. In the backside of the folder, I emphasized their logo and added a QR Code for customers to quickly scan.