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Pearson Writer(1)-Project and Dashboard Design

Pearson Writer(2)-Notebook and Outline Design

Writer’s Guide at Pearson Writer

UI Design for a business course at Harvard Business School

UI Design for marketing website at Harvard Business School Online

Dashboard Design for Harvard Business School Online

UI and Banner Design for Gallop Global

Brochure Design for Long Dragon Biotechnology Corp.

UX and UI Design for ArkInvest Real Estate

UI Design for DGMonster Studio

Website design for NEU DGM

Poster Design – Boston Moves

Postcards Design – Gallop Global

Logo Design – Boston Moves

Website Design for A Real Estate Company

Business Card – DGMonster

Ashley Koff – Mobile size design

Ustocktrade Ad banners

Smartfish – graphics and website update

Redsox – Calendar not available graphic

KettleBells 4 Kids- Annual Report Infographic

Good Sports-Character Design

James McDonough Emailer

Infographic design for RISE 2017

Lifeline Web Banner

Short animation for birthday celebration

A motion graphic for Easter

404 Page for DGmonster Studio

Showreel for animations of Northeastern University Online

Animation for Program and Project Management Course

Application—Travel App “InstaPlan”

Animations for Northeastern Project Communication Course

Inforgraphic for Project Cost and Time Management

Dribbble Shot

Website for Northeastern Community

Badges Design for Northeastern Online Education

Motion Portfolio

Banners for Project Management Online Courses

Inforgraphic Poster design for Northeastern University

Poster Design for DG Monster Studio

GroupTraVote — Website for group travel

Animation for Integrity Policy Course Introduction

Motion Graphic for Chinese new year


Wireframe of MyDGMWork

Wireframe for GroupTraVote

Coding– “Color Station”

Amazon Project—“Unmanned Vehicle Delivery”

Schedule&Cost Management— for “Whistler Ski Resort Project”

Technical Project Management–for “Streetligt Network System”

Project Risk Management—for “LAZRCUT Training Project”

Project Scope Management Plan—for “Brighton Family Bicycles Project”

Project Quality Management–for “Dell Children’s Medical Center”