Bloop-the blueprint for wellbeing (mobile app)


During a 14-week-long project, my team focused on creating a mobile app: Bloop, to enrich individuals and sources professionals to improve their wellbeings and go with local/virtual events based on social prescribing models and share healthy informational resources.

Final video demo


Problem Statement

The United States is currently experiencing a mental health crisis and has a shortage of mental health professionals that can assist. Social Prescribing is used in healthcare to connect patients who experience mental and/or physical disabilities, loneliness, or are struggling with their general health and well-being to non-clinical services in their communities. Americans, in particular, Gen Z and Millennials in the United States, are impacted by this crisis. 

Our team created a free-to-use app called Bloop, an app that aims to introduce local/virtual events based on social prescribing models, and provide informational resources. The services offered by Bloop provide options for users to improve their overall well-being by registering for events and activities that spark their interests.



Design’s Risks and Ethical Considerations

Although Bloop is meant to promote wellness for all, this app is not meant to be a complete replacement for mental health services. It is a stepping-stone to wellness. Because Bloop also aims to support mental wellness, the option for extra resources was included within the design. Meaning, along with being able to register for a wellness event, there is an option within the app to get additional assistance with mental health and well-being. Articles and recommended wellness videos located within the Resource tab in the Bloop app offer additional assistance to users at no cost. The educational articles and videos give Bloop users the opportunity to learn information on mental health/wellness assistance without having to spend money. Even with health insurance, due to a therapist (and overall mental health professional) shortage, people seeking professional mental health services can be put on a waitlist. A more expedient option, for non-crisis mental health concerns is needed. Bloop “fills in the gaps”, whether someone is waiting to receive mental health care or is unable to access mental health care, Bloop can provide free alternatives in the meantime.

Another ethical consideration would be the credibility of Bloop events and their role in improving mental and physical well-being. Simply put, events offered by Bloop are not led by certified mental health professionals (i.e. psychologists, counselors, psychiatrists, etc.). Therefore, it is important to inform users that users are informed of the certified resources available and while participating in alternative wellness events based on their interests.