Hello friend,

I’m Yanpei Zhou. You can call me Belanna. I am from China, Sichuan, where is a origins area of Hot-pot. I am a web & multimedia designer. I can do many kinds of design, including animations, motion graphics, graphics, web design, UI & UX design. I am also able to shoot video and edit them. I love to design. Design always makes happy and feel enthusiastic. And I love to create animation and make graphics live and tell people stories from a motion graphic or an animation. My dream is to touching people and affect them when they view my animation, motion graphics, graphics, UI design or videos. I want them to feel energetic from watching or viewing my works. Through my works, I want to let people learn something from it and thinking. I believe motion graphics, animation or video can bring people this feeling and let them feel touching and thinking. Thus, I also love to use my spare time to make graphics or user interfaces live in After Effects.  

I had some experience in web development. I developed two websites before. but I want to learn more about coding. Coding is a large spread of fields for me to explore. In my past life, I had some experience in web and UI design in China. I was a part-time UI designer worked for a bank in China. I spent two years in there. Comparing with web development,  I am more effective with web design, UI, graphics and UX design.

I am very familiar with project management including knowledge and skills, and under project management atmosphere. I studied Project Management at Northeastern University and learned Agile and scrum before. I know how to adapt a fast-speed, deadline-driven, and multi-tasked working environment. I am able to manage a digital team and well communicate with others. I am super comfortable with Agile and Scrum working environment. Actually, I am happy to work under it.

I love design, development, project management, and even digital marketing. Before, I use SEO and Facebook Ads to advertising my blog. I helped my previous company with email marketing and produced email design with using effective Mailchimp email marketing tool.  I know how to design a work under marketing purpose and how to fit customers’ requirements and expectation.

Now, I am a Multimedia Designer at Northeastern Universtiy Online. I am also a freelancer for web design, graphics, and animation. I study Project Management and Digital Media at Northeastern University and I will graduate in June 2017.

I am actively looking for a job where I can put my any of my digital experience, design experience, including animation, motion graphics, web design, UI design, graphics, and UX design to work. I am a deadline-driven, task-driven, multitalented designer, developer, project manager, and digital marketer.

I am looking forward to hearing from you!