Website for Northeastern Community


This website design was designed for Northeastern University Community. They want to create a website for students quickly get access to student resources, faculty resources, find interested community group, build connections with other students and networks. My partner and I took over this project through wireframe, UX (user experience) to UI. We created several versions based on several interviews with Northeastern staffs and students. We researched their needs and requirements about expectations of a community website. We also worked with our manager, who is the VP of Northeastern University Online, to know students needs. Through several brainstorming, research, meeting and interviews, we built a responsive website design with a mobile version. We used Adobe XD to create a prototype to show our works. Here are parts of our work. Hopefully, you will like them. Thanks.

Community Outreach1


Community out reach2


Community Outreach 3


Community Outreach 4


Community outreach 6

Here are responsive version

Mobile version-community outreach


Mobile version Community Outreach 2