Ustocktrade Ad banners


These are the ad banners that I designed for Ustocktrade Trade to display on its official Facebook page. Ustocktrade is showing its ads daily and weekly, so I was responsible for design the ads when I worked at Jackrabbit design.

What did I do for Facebook Ads?

Because the blue and orange colors are the theme and logo color at Ustocktrade, I followed the color style and designed different contents and graphics based on each topic. The requirements were with a blue background themed type color and vivid characters.

Every ad, I highlighted the key points and used a strong readable design. For example, I used the orange color which is the more attractive and highlight color and used bold type fonts. I designed it with the obvious contrast between the key contents and less important content.  I designed two types of versions for their choice on each ad, which you can view the different design versions that I explored in the below.

In the end, the ads made good traffic in their Facebook ads, which reached out to their audiences and gained more followers.

Here is the final version ad for a topic at Ustocktrade

What did I do for the personal social media banner?

The banners in the below were designed for Ustocktrade CEO. It is for personal social media banners. When I designed it, I researched the goal about Ustocktrade which is “wall street to the main street”. The design idea was from this slogan.  I drew a New York wall street city Skyline with a Wall Street sign and drew another skyline with the Main street sign. I also designed a paper plane flying from The wall street to The main street, which I wanted to express the goal of Ustocktrade.

The different sizes were to display on different social media.

This is a Facebook banner shows on computer and phone:

This is for Twitter banner display:

This is for his LinkedIn Banner show off:

There are some other versions that I designed for their social banner.


These ads are designed for introducing the characteristics of Ustocktrade. The different contents and design are based on the requirements of Ustocktrade marketing.