Poster Design – Boston Moves


This is a poster design that I did for Boston Moves, the real estate agency located in Boston. They were my client and they wanted to design a poster and used it at their Chineses Wechat account. They wanted the poster to attract Chinese audiences and participate in their promotion event. At the mention of the word Promotion, I scuttled off on to the internet to check the best price on advertising flags and posters, and to get an idea on how to outline the framework of my poster. In the poster, the Chineses promotion contents are following and sharing the Wechat official account before Oct, 1st, you will have a chance to get the tickets of the Disney world. Usually, I do not accept clients outside the country as I don’t know them personally, but I wasn’t going to miss this opportunity at any chance. I generally use online banners to get fast banners on the cheap but on seeing the poster I had designed on their poster I was really proud of my work as it simply looks perfect.

What did I do for the project?

I worked with their marketing team and provided the design strategy and suggestions for them. They wanted a fancy poster with Disney’s dark blue color. What I did was thinking and designing a fancy poster that combined the company and the Disney promotion contents well in it. In the poster, I illustrate a skyline of Boston’s building to show they are focusing on looking for a living place for people. In the main area, I chose a Disney Castle to present the Disney World, because the castle is simple and beautiful. It can be a focus and can show the Disney World Well. I used a reflect design in the words of Walt Disney. I wanted to keep a very simple and clear design in which people can see the promotion contents clearly, so I only add some textures in the background and some light stars.

The Disney World Poster Design:


Another Poster

This is another poster that I designed for them. This poster was simple and clear. The Boston Moves wanted to show it in the Wechat official account and let Chinese audience sharing and follow the account. The poster contents are following and share the official account, you will have a chance to gain a $500 Jetblue gift card. They wanted a very simple design, so I keep it simple and clear to show the theme of the poster.