Booth Design For Cambridge Network


In 2018, I was a graphic designer freelancer who designed the booth design for the Cambridge network, a one-stop education industry leader for international students seeking a high school education in the USA. I was responsible for the typography, layout, color solution, illustration, and image manipulations. Conducted a good ability to effectively convey the intended message within the given layout.

The design was iterated 4 times. The design process started with brainstorming. I worked with the marketing manager and discussed it together on the contents and design strategy. Since the Cambridge network is an education company and services on high school, I wanted to design the graphics conveys the meaning of the services of education would bring a successful bright path for high school students to achieve a bright future. I designed a winding path which conveyed this meaning, at the same time, it connected the required 9 huge 38.125inx91.325in artboards together.

The design was finally exhibited in an exhibition where thousands of businessmen, students, and parents attended. The design of booth design earned praise and likes.

The 9 artboards of 38.125 inx91.325 in of booth design


The booth design is in exhibition



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