Animation for Program and Project Management Course


This animation was created when I worked at Northeastern University, Boston, MA. It created for an online course, the Portfolio and Program Management Course, at Northeastern University. Students expected to learn the difference of Programs and Projects when they watched the video.

What did I do?

I was a multimedia designer, on the charge of video creation for this course. When I saw this course transcript, I proposed to create a visual animation to interpret this course concept. The differences between program management and project management were difficult to understand. Then, I worked with instructional designer to discuss the ways to show it. We brainstormed the storyboard together. Then, I started to sketch all of the illustrations and graphics. We had our discussion back and forth. when the illustration and graphics were completed. The professor also checked at the contents ensured its match the teaching program.

When graphics and illustration were signed off by Professor and instructional designer,  I started animating every move and motions at Adobe After Effects. My goal was to help students quickly learn about the two concepts, as well as improving their learning outcome with the help of the video. By showing the visualized and animated examples, students quickly learned and mastered the differences between the two conceptions. I hope you would enjoy it.