Wireframe of MyDGMWork


This work is designed for digital media students to upload their portfolio and work files, and display their works to gain suggestion, comments and work opportunity from audiences.  This website is designed for students who are in digital media program at Northeastern University, and who are going to digital media program or who are graduated from this program. We want to design a platform for students to upload their work, at the same time they are able to show their pride digital works to public. It will benefit the enrolled students, upcoming students and graduated students.

  • Why I designed this wireframe like this?

The main function of this platform serves for students to upload digital work, so the upload should be displayed in most obvious  place, and I put it in the navigation. If students are displaying their work in this platform, they will cares about how many people view their work and how many people like their works. Thus, homepage will show “view” amounts and “likes” amounts on their works. If guests visits this platform, they will care about viewing different categories of works, most popular work or search for their interested work, so homepage display a clear filter function for audiences to find different categories and sort most popular works.

This platform is not only used for work upload, but also serves for social network, communications, news and digital media program introduction of northeastern university. Thus, in the navigation, there are four other categories. Those categories directly show other main functions in this website. Also, user name needs a place to quickly edit and view their profile, so I put “user name” and sub-navigation of “user name” in the navigation. It is advantage for students to edit their portfolio and profile, and also go to setting and view their friends.

There are lots of pages and details in this website. We planed to take 2 months to finish this website, currently, we are still working on this website.

  • What UX Process I used for creating this website with my team?

Strategy–> Research(observation, interview)–> Analysis(persona, scenarios)–>Design(Workflow, site map, Wireframe, Prototype)–>Evaluation

From idea came up, strategy formation and researchers, we prepared one month to start building this website.  As an established for this website, I with my team discussed almost every day on the first week. We thought our potential users, created our persona and scenarios, hired a student  and built our team. In the design process, we based on our persona and scenario to created our workflow and site map.

  • What software did I use to create this wireframe?

I use Axure to create all wireframes.

You are able to view some of the wireframes of I created for our website.



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