Wireframe for GroupTraVote

GroupTraVote is designed for a wide range of ages, but most likely be utilized by college students and families. Planning a group vacation can be incredibly difficult. Everyone has separate dates that they’re available, and often times it’s up to one person to analyze everyone’s availability and search for the best possible vacation deals. This can be both frustrating and taxing for one person to do on their own. Our solution to this problem is to create a site that will easily allow one person to solve the puzzle of planning a group vacation. We envision that this will be the perfect site to help college students plan spring break or summer vacation trips and for families to plan reunion trips.

1.1Wireframe that created for GroupTraVote:








page8 page9 page10 page11 page12 page13

Preview real website in here: http://belannazhou.com/djm-finalproject/finalproject/index.html

1.2. Mobile Version Wireframe for GroupTraVote:

page1-phone page2-phone page3-phone

page4-phone page5-phone page6-phone page7-phone page8-phone page9-phone page10-phone page11-phone page12-phone page13-phone