UI Design for a business course of Harvard Business School


This project design for an online business course at HBX-Harvard Business School, and it will be used in a dashboard for answering the question of business online courses.  The goal of this design is to clearly and simply display users, answers and response functions. It should let user clearly see other users, comments, and the response.  Since the width is ruled for 700px on the screen view, and the color is HBX’s color, I decided to create a user board like a name card, which is clearly to show users and viewed by others, and also took less space in the screen. I chose a clear style which used less red color, more white color, and kept the black color as a feature color showing in the response area.

The team like what I did and it was approved by the content team and development team. The following is the final design after three round revision. It matches the project objective and design goal.


This is a gif and an interactive effect that I created to show how the “like” interactive effect works when people click.