Short animation for birthday celebration


This is a short animation that I create for friends who have their birthday and express a wish for them. I used Cinema 4d and After effects to make the 3D character and three scenes. After animate them, I import them to Photoshop and the export gif. file. I want to create a scene with balloon and surprise, so I show balloon at the beginning and in the end.

Here are the character and scene that I created in Adobe Illustrator. I sketched out the scene story and drawn the font in Illustrator, and then I export it into Cinema 4d and extrude the characters. In cinema 4d, I used bouncing and some effects to create the moving Happy Birthday characters. Then I worked with After Effects to build the flying balloons and all scenes. Finally, I speed it up and make it short around 10s, and export with Photoshop to GIF. Hope you will like it.