Inforgraphic Poster design for Northeastern University


This inforgraphic, also the poster, was designed for the Northeastern University Online Experiential department. I designed this poster for them to demonstrate Northeastern online course availability information. It was shown to faculty and staff. My client needed me to make a super dimensional and visualized graphic to show their important pathways. In the final, I designed a pathway with a 2D dimension view. In the path, different silhouette people show different categories of people. Each people fully display core content of each path. My client needed graphic in the poster looks super visual pop up, so I used several colors showing in the graphic.

For the layout,I layout pathway graphic in the center of poster, because this graphic is the core point in this poster. All texts are around with the graphic. I also created three extend pathway which was extended out of center graphic, because it has a connection visual view between center graphic and around text.

For color using, the red, black and white color are Northeastern color. The colorful color in graphic is to show a visualized pop up effect.

Hope you will like this poster.

PAN Poster For NUOEL


Several versions was to explore

PAN Poster-Explore work show