GroupTraVote — Website for group travel

What’s this website?

This website is designed for group travel people to book their group travel package. Normally, when people have a group travel, they always has an organizer which is a leader and group members. This website continues this kind of user custom. Organizer will collect members’ schedule, their preference destination. Based on those information input in website, website chooses best several travel packages for organizers to look through. Those packages suit for their destination preferences and members vocation schedule. Then organizers are able to send those trip packages to members and let them vote! Vote is our core function. It is used for democratic asking advices from members and booking all members’ satisfactory travel plan.

How vote function works in this website?

Vote will be triggered when organizers choose schemes of travel and send them to members. Members will receive those trip packages. They vote by stars. Organizers will set a deadline for members to vote. It is time control.  Once vote time due, group members cannot take their vote right anymore. So it is a mutual and controllable user flow.

What I did in this group travel vote website?

I put forward vote ideas and mutual trip packages choose scheme. I created wireframe for this website. You can review this wireframe in my portfolio. In my team, we revised wireframes several times, took user interview and tests. We wanted to create a user-centered and user experienced template website for users.

I code this website. I built all CSS and jQuery for this website and html as well. This coding brought me a lot of fun. It was enjoyable project.

Please review the website at the following links: