Good Sports-Character Design


I draw this illustration when I worked at Jackrabbit Design. This illustration was to create for marketing and aim to attract the audience to donate soccer accessories to our client — Good Sports, Inc. I draw this soccer kid who is between 12-15 years old from scratch. At first, I drew a soccer boy and figured out the shape of the kid, and then I drew an elder kid. It has been revised several times and finally, the soccer kid was drawn well. Now it has been launched on the website. The soccer accessories have been added interactive effects.

This is the soccer kid that I did at Adobe illustration, and it is one of the color versions.

The soccer boy was drawn by me at first to figure out the shape and asked for our team advisees.

Now the illustration has been displayed on the Good Sports website. For fitting the whole illustration in a balanced style, the color of the boy changed a little bit.