Brochure Design for Long Dragon Biotechnology Corp.


This brochure design that I did for my client who is located at HuiZhou, China. It is a biotechnology hi-tech corporation committed to the life health field, which set up the R&D, production, and sales based in Huizhou, Shanghai and HongKong, and it produces and sells the marine organism chitosan oligosaccharide and relevant products.

I worked as a graphic designer and brand strategist to help this biotechnology company to design three brochures, which are company introduction, feed introduction, and food introduction. For brochure style choices, layout and wireframe, I provided four different style types for the client in the beginning. After several discussion and revision, they choose a creative style. I took over one month to design the three brochures and one pocket folder, revises and discuss with them. It was a challenge to display all the contents organized in each A4 size page because the three brochures are Chinese-English bilinguals. 

The First One – Company Introduction Brochure

This brochure is to introduce the company, product and product process, etc. The company chose the blue as the main color because it is the logo color to clearly identify the brand.

The Second – Food Introduction Brochure

It is to introduce the food of Long Dragon Biotechnology and it is research outcomes. They choose green as the main color.

The Third One – Feed Introduction Brochure

It is to introduce the feed application of chitosan oligosaccharide.  Since the orange color is also the brand color, I choose the orange as the color to design this brochure.

Pocket Folder Design

Here is a pocket folder design that I did for them. I keep the blue color and used their name and brand logo as an identity to show in the folder. Inside of the folder, I also emphasize the brand and add QR Code for their customers to scan social media.