Ashley Koff – Responsive mobile size design


This is a mobile size design that I did for Ashley Koff when I worked at Jackrabbit Design. The website has been designed well. My responsibility was to resize it and make it friendly to use in mobile size. The problem was the web designer was busy with his tons of projects and cannot finish the responsive design for Ashley Koff. I took over the resize work which I should design the responsive page well and user-friendly.

What did I do when I resize it?

Even though the web page has been designed well, I should keep the original website design and contents, and show the designer’s solution well and clear. I wanted to keep consistency in the responsive size. Before I started working on it, I discussed the original website design with the web designer and knew the Ashley Koff and what they did want to show off on the website.

There was a problem, the button “asses” “keep” and “act” have a sequence. However, the original web design showed no sequence. When the screen goes into a small size and contents should be kept less, I had to make sure the original web design clear and show the sequence contents in the mobile size as well. I chose a simple and clear design solution. I designed it with sequencing arrow, which each tab contains the child contents and looks like a tab in the mobile size. By clicking and visualized guidance through the arrow design, the audience is able to follow the order and read the contents clearly and intentionally.

Please check the responsive size work below:









There is the website design:

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