Animation for Integrity Policy Course Introduction


This is an animation that I created for an integrity policy course when I worked at Northeastern University. The animation built for the introductory of the Integrity Policy Course and tell students the importance of not violate academic integrity. It plays like a training video, goals for students to learn about the several ways of violating integrity policy and register the course.

What Did I Do?

I was the multimedia designer taking design everything for the 2D drawing animation.

  • I brainstormed the 5 scenes based on the transcript information, in collaboration with one colleague. Each of the scenes interpreted one main topic of violate academic integrity.
  • I created the storyboards displayed illustration and images in sequences.
  • I drew the two characters in Adobe Illustration. In order to make the character identifiable, I created two Northeastern T-shirts for the two characters to wear. The cloth color aligned with the Northeastern brand color. I had many meetings and discussions with my team members before it is finalized.

When the illustration signed off, I used Adobe After Effects to animate the 5 scenes in sequence and in motion. I designed the whole motion moves in every scene. The clear and visualized motion moves made the course easily understood and learnable immediately.

The video was published at Northeastern University in the spring of 2017. The integrity policy was a required course for all undergraduate and graduate students to take. The video was in the course and reached out to large numbers of audiences.

The Big Hit

The design, motion, and illustration won appreciation and honor by the team. I even got praise from the course program manager and the VP of my department. The feedback was very positive. 83.5% of students were happy with the video content and learned several ways that can violate the integrity policy by watching it. I hope you would enjoy this short animation.


Storyboard and Scene

scene 1-v2